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Fehlerbehebung: Starte Eclipse mit folgenden Parameter (Xmx<Speicher in MB


eclipse.exe -vmargs -Xmx512m

Plugin CAP (Code Analysis Program)

Nützliche Shortcuts

Shortcut Aktion
Ctrl+Shift+U Shows the Occurrences in File quick menu
Ctrl+Shift+G References in Workspace
Ctrl+Alt+H Open call hierarchy
Ctrl+Shift+F (User defined!!) Find in files
Ctrl+O Quick Outline
Ctrl+T Quick Hierarchy
Ctrl+L Goto line
Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down Goto previous/next member
Alt+Left/Right Backward/Forward history
Ctrl+Shift+F4 Close all editor windows
Ctrl+Shift+S Save all editor windows
Ctrl+Alt+Down Copy line
Ctrl+D Delete line
Ctrl+Shift+Delete Delete to end of line
Ctrl+Shift+D Cut line (User defined!!)
Alt+Down/Up Move line/selection down/up
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Insert line above current line
Shift+Enter Insert line below current line
Ctrl+Up/Down Scroll line up/down
Ctrl+F6 Editor-Fenster umschalten (mit Liste
Ctrl+Q Last edit location
Alt+Shift+R Refactor rename
Alt+Shift+M Extract Method
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